What is Rebate Tribe?

Rebates have been around for as long as there has been shopping. You may remember mail in rebates, where you bought a product and then mailed in a voucher to get a refund. Well, Rebate Tribe works just like that except it is faster as it is online.

Are The Products New?

As the transaction takes place on Amazon, you will have absolute clarity about what you are getting. So yes, all the products are brand new.

Is This Legit?

Yes it is. It is secure as you will pay for the goods on Amazon, we never see your banking details.

Why Do Manufacturers Do These Rebates?

Our manufacturers want to create a buzz about their products because they understand that word of mouth marketing is essential to building sales! Raising the profile of the product will increase sales and profits for the manufacturer in the long term.

Expired Deals: